The Guldbagge is named after the Swedish word for the rose chafer beetle. Photo by Johan Bergmark

At a press conference in Stockholm today the nominations for the Guldbagge Awards for 2018 were announced. Border stands out with nine nominations, followed by Becoming Astrid and Goliath with six nominations each. The Guldbagge Awards is arranged by the Swedish Film Institute and will be held at Cirkus in Stockholm on January 28.

A jury of 36 members came to the following result with regards to the nominations for the 2018 Guldbagge Awards, Sweden's national film awards. Special committees agreed on the nominations in the categories Best Short Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Foreign Language Film. 

Best Film

The Unthinkable (Den blomstertid nu kommer)
Produced by Crazy Pictures

The Deminer
Produced by Antonio Russo Merenda and Hogir Hirori

Goliath (Goliat)
Produced by Mattias Nohrborg and Frida Bargo

Border (Gräns)
Produced by Nina Bisgaard, Piodor Gustafsson and Petra Jönsson

Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)
Produced by: Lars G. Lindström, Maria Dahlin and Anna Anthony

Best Director

Ali Abbasi
for Border (Gräns)

Carl Javér
for Reconstructing Utøya (Rekonstruktion Utøya)

Måns Månsson and Axel Petersén
for The Real Estate (Toppen av ingenting)

Gabriela Pichler
for Amateurs (Amatörer)


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Zahraa Aldoujaili 
for Aida in Amateurs (Amatörer)

Alba August
for Astrid in Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)

Léonore Ekstrand
for Nojet in The Real Estate (Toppen av ingenting)

Eva Melander
for Tina in Border (Gräns)


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Fredrik Dahl
for Musse in Amateurs (Amatörer)

Sebastian Ljungblad
for Kimmie in Goliath (Goliat)

Mikael Persbrandt
for Hasse P in The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen)

Joakim Sällquist
for Roland in Goliath (Goliat)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Sissela Benn
for Karin in Sune vs Sune

Maria Bonnevie
for Hanna in Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)

Trine Dyrholm
for X&Y

Lena Nilsson 
for Simone in Videoman (Videomannen)


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Jens Albinus
for X&Y

Fredrik Hallgren
for Rudolf in Sune vs Sune

Eero Milonoff
for Vore in Border (Gräns)

Henrik Rafaelsen
for Blomberg in Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)


Best Screenplay

Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Gabriela Pichler
for Amateurs (Amatörer)

Peter Grönlund
for Goliath (Goliat)

John Ajvide Lindqvist, Ali Abbasi and Isabella Eklöf
for Border (Gräns)

Gunnar A.K. Järvstad
for Garden Lane (Trädgårdsgatan)


Best Cinematography

Ellinor Hallin
for Wasted (In i dimman)

Måns Månsson
for Jimmie

Kristoffer Jönsson 
for Garden Lane (Trädgårdsgatan)


Best Editing

Alexandra Strauss and Dominika Daubenbüchel
for The Raft (Flotten)

Dino Jonsäter
for Goliath (Goliat)

Olivia Neergaard-Holm and Anders Skov
for Border (Gräns)


Best Costume

Denise Östholm 
for Euphoria

Ingrid Sjögren
for The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen)

Cilla Rörby
for Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)


Best Sound/Sound Design

Crazy Pictures
for The Unthinkable (Den blomstertid nu kommer)

Christian Holm
for Border (Gräns)

Jonas Jansson
for Jimmie


Best Makeup

Morna Ferguson and Orla Carroll
for Euphoria

Göran Lundström, Pamela Goldammer and Erica Spetzig
for Border (Gräns)

Eva von Bahr and Love Larson 
for The Cake General (Tårtgeneralen)


Best Original Score

Johan Testad
for Goliath (Goliat)

Gaute Storaas
for Halvdan Viking

Armand Amar
for End of the Day (Innan vintern kommer)


Best Set Design

Emma Sofia Wahlberg 
for A Balkan Noir (Balkan Noir)

Ulrika von Vegesack
for A Moon of My Own (Ted – För kärlekens skull)

Linda Janson
for Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)


Best Visual Effects

Crazy Pictures and Jacob Danell
for The Unthinkable (Den blomstertid nu kommer)

Peter Hjorth, Mikael Windelin and Christian Sjöstedt
for Border (Gräns)

Fredrik Pihl
for Sune vs Sune


Best Short Film

The Ambassador's Wife
by Theresa Traoré Dahlberg

The Martyr (Martyren)
by Ahmed Abdullahi

As We're Told (Vi bara lyder)
by Erik Holmström and Fredrik Wenzel


Best Documentary Film

The Deminer
by Hogir Hirori

The Raft (Flotten)
by Marcus Lindeen

Reconstructing Utøya (Rekonstruktion Utøya)
by Carl Javér

Best Foreign Film

by Spike Lee

by Hirokazu Kore-eda

Cold War
by Paweł Pawlikowski


The Guldbagge Audience Award

The Guldbagge Audience Award (Guldbaggens publikpris) is on its second year. It includes all 47 Swedish feature length films that premiered in cinemas during 2018. The award is produced by The Swedish Film Institute in collaboration with the Swedish news media Aftonbladet. The voting process started on December 21, 2018 and continues until january 22, with three finalists making the last round of voting.

More awards at the ceremony

The Award of Honour will be presented, as well as the Gullspira (for extraordinary contributions in films for children) and the award for Best Newcomer.

Awarded annually since 1964, the Guldbagge ("Golden Beetle") is the name of the Swedish Film Institute's award for achievements during the previous year. The award itself, in the form of a fantastical beetle, was designed by the artist Karl Axel Pehrson.

The Guldbagge Awards ceremony will be held on January 28 at Cirkus in Stockholm. Swedish Television (SVT) will be broadcasting the event live.

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